<p>In line with women's curves</p>

In line with women's curves

A modern brand

bold, positive and committed

for the freedom of lines, curves, women.

For more than 40 years, JMP has been developing in its Parisian workshops a dressing room that embodies modern and elegant femininity in line with women's curves. Specialist in plus size fashion, our vision and our commitment, to sublimate women's curves with passion, freedom and audacity. Originality in style, quality of finish and an ideal fit in the cuts offered. We create and produce fashion trends from 42 to 56 in France in Paris,

We make fashion trends with passion, audacity & freedom, in our workshop Parisian for more than 40 years

(All) women at the heart

of our attention

We are committed to women with curves and pride ourselves on creating fashion that is committed and sparkling. Our team of stylists offer collections that are entirely designed in France. We want to enhance women's curves with creative and sustainable fashion. JMP's creations are always made with noble materials. In an eco-responsible approach, our manufacturing is 100% French. For all these reasons we are more passionate than ever.


JMP, the passionate brand is committed to a creative vision for women with curves. We want women to find themselves in our creations by combining boldness and freedom. Our designers are committed to body positive fashion and share their love of style with you. We believe in a world where you will be free to embody the woman in all her forms. That's why JMP is proud to be committed to all curvy women.


For over 40 years, JMP has embodied a passion for plus size fashion. We see fashion as an expression of one's identity, a way to assert oneself, to feel confident and to express one's personality. That's why fashion continues to motivate and inspire us.


Fashion is about innovation, creativity and boldness. To be successful, you have to be willing to take risks, think outside the box, and challenge established norms. Whatever the case, boldness allows fashion designers to come up with innovative designs and push the boundaries of the industry.


Fashion is an artistic field where creative freedom plays a central role in creating unique and innovative collections. Freedom in fashion design means having the ability to create without limits, constraints or the pressure to follow established trends.


Responsible fashion is a growing trend in the fashion industry. Consumers are looking for ethically and sustainably produced clothing, and JMP meets these expectations by producing in France and working with quality materials.

The values of our house are embodied by our teams on a daily basis.

They are shared in each of our actions for you!







A modern brand,

bold, positive and committed

for the freedom of lines, curves, women.

Our fashion brand is first and foremost a modern brand that seeks to differentiate itself by offering bold, positive and committed collections. We believe that fashion can be a way of expressing ourselves and sending strong and positive messages, while being aware of the social and environmental issues of our time. We believe that our clothes can not only reflect our customers' personalities, but also allow them to express their own commitment to a better world.