Lolaces, discovery of this Parisian of the south, sparkling and dynamic.

Lola Ces is part of the group " les coquettes ".
she is also one of the founders of the big association.
She loves French fashion and the latest trends.

Who is behind @lolaces ?
It's me !!! Nobody else is hiding behind. A little girl who likes sape, music, party and people.
Why did you decide to create the big association?
Simply because when I started to work on myself and my journey, it seemed obvious to me to share this work and to fight against grossophobia on a larger scale. My meeting with Aline Thomas, the co-founder, was also decisive.
How were "Les Coquettes" born?
A story of friends, a desire to say things together and also to have fun... simply ;-)
Why the name " les coquettes " ?
Because it slams!
If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be?
A little black dress, but with two or three sequins on it... basic but still cool
If you were an accessory, what would you be?
Glasses, for sure !!!!

"It seemed obvious to me to share this work and to fight against grossophobia on a larger scale".

What are for you the 3 "DONT'S" of the summer?
No dont's!!! Let everyone do exactly as they want... for me fashion should be personal... each one his own!
What are the 3 "DO's" of the summer?
The ultra colorful swimsuit
The oversized sunglasses
The oversized basket
If you were a pair of shoes, which one would you be?
Impossible to choose ... a pair of mega comfortable sneakers and a pair of glittery boots !!!!
What pieces in your wardrobe would you never part with?
My black blazer ... basic but it works with everything!
Which fashion blogger do you follow on Instagram?
Plus size bloggers of course... pretty much all of them... but not only... I really like dressing leelo for example.
What is your favorite piece from the JMP collection?
Hesitationnnnnn huge ... I love the black sequin jacket ... can't wait for more colors !!! And all the suits I think are very cool. Then I have to admit I'm a sucker for the jeans. Comfortable and well cut that make a very cool line !!!

"Let everyone do exactly as he wants"

"For me fashion it must be personal "

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